Hi, I'm Nicole Gusto.

I’m a dreamer, writer, and storyteller.

Welcome to this little cybernook where I write Middle Grade & YA speculative fiction inspired from the highs and lows of existing. My stories feature extraordinary children, misfits, strange artists, and flawed fantastic beings. I write about broken thingsmostly robots, oftentimes human hearts.

I’ve been traveling across worlds made of fantasy and science fiction, and I’ve always found myself leaning towards the light of stars.

When I talk about “Stars”, I don’t just mean the galactic glorious kinds.

I’m talking about stories that spark epiphanies of sorts. Stories like stars that point to the way back home when night falls. I love tales that not only entertain but comfort. Tales that are spun from adventure and dreams—even in the face of darkness and broken spaceships.  Because when darkness inhabits the universe, as it always does, light remains a possibility burning through the night.

I'm still stargazing upon greater realities to inspire these tales. But for now, you can call my stories a hand-me-down lantern for your journey through the dark.

If stories like stars are what you’re searching for, then you crash-landed into the right place. 

Welcome to the constellations of dreaming and hoping.

Brace yourself as the pages collide with the Sun. I hope the lights I’ve seen become yours as well.

Earth to traveler, you’re now entering a different galaxy.

So, would you like to go stargazing with me?


 Hoping to be your storyteller & fellow traveler beyond this world,