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A Crown of Wishes

“Existence is the gift. Life is a choice.”​

– Roshani Chokshi, A Crown of Wishes

One of the books I like to reread is A Crown of Wishes.

love this book. The writing is lovely and exquisite. Roshani Chokshi wields words like magic; it’s the kind that coaxes you to fall into a world made of mystery and danger and beauty. Everything about this book is beautiful. From the prose, to the story, to the characters…

The Crown of Wishes follows Gauri, an exiled princess, and Vikram, the sly prince. Gauri is blessed with the battle skills, while Vikram wields the cunning tactics and sharp wits. Together, they team up to participate in the riskiest game—the Tournament of Wishes. Set in a mythical land, the competition features magical creatures and gods from Hindu mythology. Despite the perils, Gauri and Vikram plunge into it together, eager to win a wish from the Lord of Wealth.

My favorite part about this book was Gauri. She was such a strong female lead, one with a heartbreaking past, yet she was motivated to overcome it all. She’s so real and strong, yet her weaknesses made her such a charming and relatable character. Though the plot had a tendency to feel too long, the escalating conflicts and twists proved to maintain the reader’s attention. This book had it all : action, folklore, magical beings, and a slow-burn romance that did justice to the enemies-to-lovers trope.

This book is perfect for the reader who wants to get lost in a realm that is equally enthralling and dangerous. You’ll glean life lessons along the way from Gauri and Vikram’s story; lessons like giving and accepting forgiveness, overcoming lowly expectations, and of course, fighting for your dreams.


[ID: A cover of Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi features a young woman in a flowing purple gown riding a horse under a green-colored galaxy]

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