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Voices of the Future (Book Review)

Book Review

Voices of the Future: Stories of Family & Fearlessness

by the Author Conservatory Students


When I heard that this anthology was being released, I was excited! I love short stories, and the theme of family always made me feel emotional. It was no surprise that I needed this book on my shelf. The stories in this book kept me company as I rested in between the busiest days of my year.

Overall, I thought the voices and writing styles of the authors were vastly different, but each one was so vivid and compelling. Each story was professionally written, held together by every author’s unique perspective and artistry. The Author Conservatory students exceeded expectations, though did have some favorites like the following:

“The Penny Dragon” by Cara Peregrino

It’s about a sweet old granny with dementia. I adored the prose and how Cara gracefully portrayed the main character with much compassion and detail. As someone who works in the rehabilitation field, I had some bias towards this story because it reminded me of my patients. Despite being a bittersweet read, it remained hopeful. When you read this story, you’ll be invited to spend time with the mind of a cherished grandmother, and perhaps, a lovely penny dragon that keeps her company.

“Symbiosis” by Valari Westeren

This short story was totally my genre!  What do you get when killer plants are destroying the world, and you need to save your brother before it all ends?  You get a thrilling sci-fi story bursting with action and family drama. Trailing underneath this electric story was the journey of surviving heartache—more than just surviving the apocalypse. When I got to the middle of the story, I had a tough time putting it down. The plot twist had me reeling! And the way Valari wielded her prose made it seem as if I was watching an action movie. Her portrayal of sibling relationships also pulled at my heartstrings. This one was a page-turner, for sure.

“A Book Dragon’s Story” by Olivia G. Blooms

Olivia’s story made an impression on me because of the whimsical setting and characters. It’s such a pretty fantasy story with a young dragon who can barely contain her big dreams.  I also liked this story because it began with the character struggling to love herself and to receive love from family, a predicament that is relatable to young people.  It’s a story about maturity, security, and identity. Big themes wrapped up in a distinct, colorful fantasy world that anyone could delight in. This one was a fun, yet emotional read.


There are more stories in this anthology that are worth one’s time and attention, and I hope you can give it a try! It might just inspire you too. 🙂



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