Welcome to this side of the universe

Earth to reader. You have found my space.

Hi there. You’re probably wondering how you got here. Maybe you lost your way. Maybe your spaceship crashed. Maybe you’ve got worse problems, like life challenges resembling horrid roller coasters. And then BAM! You landed right smack in the middle of this site.

Or maybe you’re here ’cause you clicked a link by accident. Or you were simply curious.

Whatever the reason, epic or mundane, I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why you’re here. And I’m glad you are.

Kindly stick around while I answer your questions.

What is this “space” you speak of?

This place houses words, articles, and like the website title suggests–stories. These are stories inspired from real life, lived with real heartbeats, and experienced in the lows and highs of existing.

Why “stories”? Why “stars”?

Because every little testimony is a spark in the void that could trigger the next supernova. (Sorry. Getting carried away by these metaphors).

Rewind. There are stories, right? You’ve got the tragedies and comedies that fill up billboard signs; that settle on the pages of a hardbound book; that scatter across airwaves; that spill from the lips of a lyricist; that find permanence in the ink of a poet.

And then there are stories.

These are the ones sparking epiphanies of sorts. They bloom into realities bright enough to burn through the dark. They litter the void like stars, pointing to the way back home when the night falls.

This little cyber nook was meant to chronicle those stars stories.


In difficult seasons, I’ve witnessed how God commands light into the darkness. This space records the difficult “nights” and underscores how God writes stars in the midst of it.

You’ll find stories in the form of the Word, devotions and snippets of Bible Study to fan the flame. You’ll gaze at the pages of my Journalthe testimonies of travelling through season’s valleys.  You’ll cross over skies displaying Short Stories & Prose, the pieces inspired from God’s faithfulness despite the trials. You’ll find a ton of notes on being Loved & Worthy, on Trusting God, on Second Chances, and on finding the Lights in the Dark.

Call it a  hand-me-down lantern for your journey through the darkness.

Call it my museum displaying His art of mended broken pieces.

Call it His story.

And you can call me the scribe who merely chronicles it all.

Maybe you’re still recovering from a broken spaceship, a broken dream, a broken anything. Maybe you’re still in the dark right now, and the hardship obscures your view of the stars. Maybe you’re stuck in circumstances, freaking out as you ride life’s roller coasters.

Maybe you’re just passing through.

Whatever the reason (or the season), it’s my prayer that you find some light to keep you going. If light is indeed what you’re searching for, then you crash-landed into the right place.

Welcome to the constellations of dreaming and hoping. Brace yourself as the pages collide with His star-cradling fingertips. You’ll find His glorious sun spinning over the void. He is the faithful God who will travel with you  through the dark. You are invited to gaze at His galaxy. I hope the lights I’ve seen become yours as well.

You ready?

Earth to traveler, you’re now entering a different galaxy.

So, would you like to go stargazing with me?



Hoping to be your tour guide & fellow traveler beyond this world,