Artist of Galaxies

STATUS: Completed First Draft 


GENRE:  Middle Grade Fantasy 


FORMAT: Novella (52,000 words)



“Grandmother was wrong about dreams. It wasn’t just a maddening cycle of wishing and longing. Dreaming was walking a thin line between hope and disappointment. It was a set up to fall; so that the human heart can fly. Or so that it could crash. Dreaming was never fanciful. Dreaming was dangerous.”

Speak : ILY

STATUS: Completed First Draft


GENRE: YA / Romance / Soft Science Fiction  


FORMAT: Novel (61,00 words)




HOW TO SAY “J” by Jonathan Geronimo


“Saying ‘J’ is a dance with a number of steps to it.


The human body miraculously does simultaneous things to say sounds.  For “J”, the diaphragm pushes air through contracting vocal chords, and in the same breath, the soft palate closes off the naval cavity. All in quick-fire synchrony. Suddenly, the human skull becomes a resonating box.  Air and sound rush to the mouth. The tongue spreads behind the teeth—and this delicate movement defines everything else. Too much tension on the tongue, and the mouth would be saying “d”. Too relaxed, and it would be saying “sh.”


As the tongue tenses in perfect poise, the mouth filters the voice, producing a magnificent sound like “J”.


Speaking a single letter is ballet.


Saying I love you is a wonderful, complicated recital. “


READS LIKE:  Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern meets “Nangangamba” by Zack Tabuldo

Tick Tock Pause

STATUS: Completed Second Draft 


GENRE: Steampunk Science Fiction / Romance


FORMAT: Novella

WORD COUNT: 40,000



Love was a programming Kit was not designed for— until his creator experimented on humanizing robots like him.


Kit was but an android servant, a Tier V Household Butler to the infamous Sir Arthur Gunther. Obsessed with perfecting his inventions, Sir Gunther rebuilt Kit, pairing him with a new android: Celia, the lovely counterpart to Kit’s design. 


When Kit reactivated, he became an upgraded robot-man, an enhanced machine which could waltz and compose music with the beautiful robot lady. Soon he displayed inexplicable fondness and attachment for the fellow android. It was a virus to his system.  A blissful blunder in his parameters. 


Then Celia malfunctioned and deactivated.


It shouldn’t have mattered. Kit was a machine after all, and Celia was nothing but a set of codes encased in metal. And yet, the switches in Kit’s head kept clicking, and the gears in his chest kept whirring. Heavier. Slower. 


Until the virus in his head initiated the most illogical prerogative—repair Celia at all costs. 


In a quest to reactivate his cherished dance partner, Kit must acquire her spare parts before she completely  breaks down. 


Perhaps Sir Gunther’s upgrade did not truly perfect him. After all, this “love” virus might prove to be his ruin if he learns the truth behind Celia’s deactivation. 


READS LIKE:  I-Robot  by Isaac Asimov meets  Romeo and Juliet.

Disclaimer: Graphics from above are from Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, Wiki Commons, Canva, and Artbreeder.