Dear Traveler,

You found my bio!

I’m Nicole Gusto. In a nutshell, I’m a dreamer, writer, and storyteller.

I’m a 20-something year old obsessed with the aesthetic of galaxies and stars (obviously).  God has used the metaphor of galaxies to comfort me during difficult seasons. Those vast lights have been His reminder to keep hoping and to keep dreaming. 

He’s the reason why I write. I believe stories are worth preserving in words that ought to speak life to readers.

At the moment, I’m aspiring to be a better storyteller aside from living my life as a part-nerd and part-artist.

On most days, I work as a therapist in the rehabilitation sector. That’s my nerdy side. I’m passionate about advocating for people with disabilities and improving their quality of life. It’s a job close to my heart and calling.

I’m also a huge geek for stories,  visual creations, and written pieces. You will often find me reading slice-of-life, fantasy, science-fiction, and some non-fiction. On other days, I’m busy visiting museums and travel destinations, soaking in history and nature. That’s my artistic side.

I’m quite certain of being 70% introverted, but I can talk/write about God like I a total extrovert. 😉

You can also find me at One Voice Magazine as an associate editor and staff writer. I’m also a student at Do Hard Things: The Young Writers Workshop.

If you want to hang out or get in touch, drop me an email at the CONTACT page. 😉

See you around as you star-gaze  in this space.