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LAWLESS (I’m getting published!)

Hi, friend! 

I have big news! My fiction will be published for the first time!! (If you can imagine my voice as you read this announcement, think of high-pitched excited squealing. Hahaha.) I’ll be part of a sci-fi anthology, and I am SO EXCITED!

It’s not just a personal milestone to me. Honestly, it feels like a dream come true

LAWLESS is an ambitious retelling of the Book of Judges

Lawless will guide you into a dystopian world of harsh deserts and dangerous roads. You’ll meet broken characters with morally gray choices in a bid to survive….and to experience light in a dark world.

My co-authors and I didn’t shy away from the reality of darkness (Judges can be a difficult read after all!) But we also wrote about how light can arise when a heart turns back to the Creator.

Alli Prince and Brad Pauquette are leading in the development of the anthology, and I was granted the opportunity to have my imagination thrive in the fascinating world they created.

Why read Lawless?

“The Bible is full of tragic tales of moral corruption and a God who comes back, time and time again, to redeem and save. There’s no denying that Judges is a brutal read. It doesn’t shy away from the complete corruption of man outside of God’s will.

Likewise, from the beginning, Lawless has had one goal in mind: To produce Christian literature that doesn’t shy away from the realities of life. A book that balances kingdom values while maintaining rugged moral complexities.

In partnership with The Pearl and The Company, we bring you a series of short stories inspired by the Book of Judges, collected, and bound into one book.”

Ready for the Journey?

 If this book sounds like your cup of tea, then I’m excited for you to read it! Thank you for the support, friend!

Stick around for more adventures. I can’t wait to share more stories with you. 🙂 



Onwards to tales that light up the dark,

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