The World & Characters of LAWLESS

Welcome to Covenant

The world is a harsh desert made of dust and danger.  Get lost in the wasteland, and you’ll run
into the violent Desperados and the ominous Order of Kosmoa. If you’re a Journeyman crossing between territories, then you’ll need more luck. The desert is not your friend, and your friends may become your enemies.

Keep watch. Gear up. Remember the stories of old. Your survival will depend on powers greater than your own. Let the Mandates guide you forward…

Welcome to a desert of tragedies.

Welcome to tales of redemption.

Welcome to Covenant.

Meet the characters from Nicole's short story,
"Steelhounds of Mercy"

Makir is the captain of the Steelhounds, an elite squad of bounty hunters who rid Covenant of criminals. Working to forget his bloody past, Makir reluctantly becomes an adoptive father to Alzior, a deaf runaway slave who proves herself worthy of becoming his apprentice.

But just when Makir finds peace in the wasteland, an old enemy returns, threatening everyone under his care—including Alzior and his men.

To survive the battle, he must become the desert’s most ruthless hunter. But with bloodshed comes the temptation. Will he stand by his morals to be a man of mercy? Or will he go back to being the renegade he swore he’d never be?

Read "Steelhounds of Mercy" in the LAWLESS anthology

Anthology Authors:

Alli Prince –  @alliprinceauthor

Brad Pauquette – @bpauquette

Megan Flahive – @meganiswriting_

Thirzah – @thirzahwrites

Vannah Leblank- @vannah_leblank_author

Matthew Sampson

Abigail Bales – @abigail.bales

Elijah Fitz – @itsfitzman

Katelyn Flatt – @katelyn.prince.flatt

Christ Babcock  – @chrisbabcockwrites

Jonathan Babcock – @jonathanbabcockwrites

Nicole Gusto – @nicolegusto

Anita DeVries

Drake McDonald

LAWLESS is developed by Alli Prince in partnership with The Company & The Pearl.

Headshot illustrations by:

 Jeremiah Gallo 

Connect with Jeremiah at Art Station & LinkedIn

*Desert Collage: Photos taken from Pinterest. I do not own them. If you would like me to take them down for creative property reasons, please contact me.

*Character infographic backgrounds edited by @starskillet_18

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